Allchin X-Treme Scope Mount (NEW)


Allchin X-Treme Scope Mount
** All New Allchin Scope Mount **

- * X-Treme moves scope backwards 3/4 of an inch (vs X) *
- Moving the scope back allows for the use of a Commander Length slide.
- Gives iron sight capability with a dot sight
- Get your scope as close to the gun as possible
- Single Side Mount (allows right side clear for casing ejection)
- Easy Scope Mounting (holes accept C-More Rail or Slide mount with no modifications)
- Comes with Thumb Aid, Thumb Aid screws and mounting screws
- Manufactured from solid bar stock T6 aluminum
- Anodized silver
- Has Allchin 5 hole mounting pattern

In the Box
- Scope Mount
- Thumb Aid
- 5 Mounting Screws
- 3 Screws to Thumb Aid

This mount allows the scope to be installed the same way other scopes are installed. This allows the shooter the advantage of having nothing on the right side to interfere with the ejection, while all the time maintaining the speed and accuracy of the scope.