STI/SV Overall Length Gauge (OALG)

Was: $10.00
Now: $9.99

Overall Length Gauge:
- Prevents overlength bullet jams.
- Measures the overall length of your bullet for precision shooting using a STI/SV magazine to prevent gun failure. (Most common with older STI and SV Magazines.)

In the Box: Overall Length Gauge

The overall length of a bullet becomes very important when placed into a STI/SV magazine. Maybe the primer pocket has a little fouling and the primer is protruding five thousandths. The decapping pin may be backing out, forcing the sized case to press the shell plate down. This will cause the overall length to be a little too long. When ammo what is placed in the magazine is too long, it can cause the gun to fail to feed or the ammo to dive into the magazine.

The Allchin OALG (overall length gauge) was designed to help prevent this type of gun failure. The gauge is very easy to use. You simply pass the loaded round through the gauge, if it makes it, it's good, if it doesn't, it's practice ammo. Shooter today are able to check their ammo with a chamber gauge to make sure it will chamber. Now they can use the Allchin OALG to check the length of their bullets and prevent possible gun jams during a profile match. If you have a STI/SV gun the Allchin OALG is a must in your shooting bag.